PDF Security Remover Utility

Software Features
  • Remove all types of local restriction in just one click
  • Creates a new document with same content but with no restriction
  • Original file is left intact
  • Independent utility; does not require installation of Adobe Acrobat
  • Supports 40-bit RC4 decryption, 128-bit RC4 decryption.
  • Easy-to-use user friendly GUI
  • Deals with documents of all sizes
  • Compatible with all versions of Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader
  • Gives user a real time access to important content
  • Works well with all version of Windows Operating System
  • Available as free evaluation version
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Support Center
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee
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Remove Password & Restrictions from PDF Files

Thanks to the growing cases of Internet security breaches and a large number of hackers out there waiting to get access to your precious data, it has now become a necessity to become extra careful while transferring or sharing data online. PDF is one of the most preferred formats for sharing of confidential and important information. This is simply because of the prominent security measures it offers. Simply by adding some local restrictions on PDF files, you can prevent the user from editing, copying, or printing them. Also, you can password-protect your file for further enhancing its security.


However, at times you may need to edit or copy data from some urgent PDF documents. For instance, you need to access a confidential document created by an ex-employee of your organization. In such cases inability to open the file when you need it can be frustrating. So, it is important to find a trusted method to deal with such encrypted PDF files.

When all other methods to remove security from PDF files fail, it is a good idea to use a third party PDF security remover. A professional Kernel for pdf restriction removal can easily scan through the PDF document and extract data from it to remove the restrictions. No matter what are the restrictions imposed on these files, the output driven PDF Security Remover can remove all this restriction simply with a single click.

The tool uses 40 bit and 128 bit RC4 decryption algorithm to extract data from locked files. The software then creates a new PDF file and copy the data in it while maintaining the structure and formatting of the file. The new file thus created is free from all the restrictions. The good thing is that PDF security remover is an independent utility and does not require installation of Adobe Acrobat or any other data software to work successfully. The utility can efficiently remove restrictions from files of all sizes and supports all versions of Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader and Windows Operating System.

Purchase License

Dealing with encrypted documents and removing restrictions from PDF files is made easy with Kernel for PDF restriction removal tool.

Try the Free Evaluation version:

Users who are doubtful about the ability of PDF protection remover tool in removing local restriction can test the same for free by downloading the free evaluation version of Kernel for PDF Restriction Removal software. It works similar to the complete tool and effectively removes restriction from all PDF documents having size not more than 200 KB. To unprotect documents larger that this size, you need to purchase the licensed version of the tool.